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Table and Chairs

Tables and chairs are priced below. Delivery charges are determined by the size of the order and the distance from our central Massachusetts warehouse. All rental charges are for the entire weekend.

Chairs (Folding)

Brown $1.25
Off White $1.50
White $1.50
Wedding White $2.00
White Garden Chair $4.00


30” x 48” seats 4 $7.00
30” x 72” (Long) seats 6 $10.00
30” x 96” (Long) seats 8 $11.00
Serpentine $12.00
18” x 72” classroom $7.00
36” Round cocktail $7.00
36” Round cocktail 42″ Tall $9.00
48” Round seats 6 $9.00
60” Round seats 8-10 $11.00
72” Round seats 10 $15.00

Table Coverings

Cater cloth (disposable) $4.75
Plastic fitted $4.75
Skirting $6.75

Delivery: Delivery is based on first floor delivery to your door. Additional charges for other than first floor delivery, set up and take down of equipment, excessive time required, and areas not easily accessible to our delivery vehicle. Goods should be assembled and available to driver. We deliver and pick up during normal business hours.

Payment: Rental fees are due in advance of delivery.

Prices are subject to change without notice.